Life is Like a Seven-Layer Dip?

Written by Jennie L. Lamb, Summer 1994.

Life is like one of those seven-layer dips Grandmama makes.
Sometimes it tastes good.
Sometimes it tastes bad.

Some ingredients I like.
Some I don’t.
Some I don’t care about, one way, half the other.
One thing’s for sure…
They all taste differently together than they do alone.

(That’s the point. Life’s layers mix together and make something totally different from what you expect.)

And when your sour cream gets mixed up with your refried beans,
It gets confusing.
Sometimes it’s good.
Sometimes it’s bad.
Sometimes you don’t care, one way, half the other.

But there is hope.

You see Grandmama makes this dip in a glass-baking dish.
(That dish is very important.)
It holds all of the stuff together so it doesn’t spill out all over the place.
It shows you all the layers.
And it doesn’t complain when all that’s left is a stray piece of lettuce and a glob of mixed up sour cream and refried beans.
Because it cleans up, nice and neat, and is always ready to hold the next dip.

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